Helpful Resources, Savings, and Coupons

We’re always working to bring you the best value and help you save on the things you buy every day. SavingStar is a great coupon service you can use on your computer or phone. It is 100% digital with no need for paper. We also offer the UPromise card and program to help you save for college every time you shop at a King Kullen store. Read more below to get the details on these and other resources we offer.

UPromise Grocery eCoupons

Use Upromise while grocery shopping to save money for college. Upromise offers a selection of eCoupons on everyday items. To save while grocery shopping, you can obtain a Upromise card at your local King Kullen. Once you have a Upromise card, click on the image below. Register your Upromise card, select the eCoupons you want, register your Upromise card, and then come shop for these products at King Kullen. At checkout, have your Upromise card scanned, and your college savings will be automatically credited to your Upromise account.



SavingStar is a free eCoupon service. You can search for coupons on your computer, as well as on iPhone and Android devices. It’s fully digital, so there is nothing to clip and nothing to print.

How SavingStar works:

  1. Go to (or download the SavingStar Android or iPhone app) and select the eCoupons you like, and link them to your SavingStar or Upromise account (if you don’t have one, you will need to visit any King Kullen to obtain a SavingStar card)
  2. Use your SavingStar/Upromise card at checkout (note: your total bill will not change at checkout and savings are not printed on the receipt)
  3. Money is automatically added to your SavingStar account, and you can pick your payout. Choices include bank deposit, a PayPal deposit, and Amazon gift card, or a donation to charity.

Other Resources and Savings

Each of these links point to external websites that are not managed or controlled by King Kullen Grocery Co., Inc. They may reference products that are not currently carried by King Kullen. King Kullen is not able to honor or offer substitute coupons for products that it does not currently carry.